Xilytix | About Us

Xilytix was started by Paul Klink.

In the 1990s, Paul worked as a project engineer in AMECON/Transfield Defence Industries and delivered the Australian navy ANZAC ships’ Platform System Technical Support Centre (PSTSC). The PSTSC included the platform simulator which was both used to test the ship’s platform control and monitoring system and train the ship’s crew.

In 1997, Paul joined Paritech which went on to develop exchanges and trading platforms for the stockmarket and brokerage industry. In 2019, Paul started Motif Markets which took over Paritech’s core assets and staff and continued to provide exchanges and brokerage platforms to customers world wide.

Xilytix was formed to complement Motif Markets’ systems with simulation capabilities. It is currently developing a stock exchange environment simulation to provide the corresponding simulation services to this industry.

This technology is also very applicable to the defence industry and Xilytix is actively looking for opportunities to deliver environment simulation solutions to defence.