Xilytix | Services

We can provide any of the following services with the supply of an environment simulation:

Environmental Testing Perform system testing using at an environment level with sophisticated scenarios reflecting real world use.
Prototyping Easily view and test new capabilities in real world scenarios at low cost with no risk.
IV&V Reduce risks of introducing new systems or major changes by using simulation as part of an affordable IV&V program.
Client API test environments For systems with API access, allow API clients to easily test applications in multiple operational environments and scenarios.
Training and Certification Assist educators and accreditation providers with the delivery of quality training and skill assessment services.
Playgrounds Realistic trading playgrounds for end users. Support for competitions can also be supplied.

If you are interested in other services using simulation, please contact one of our consultants. We can further investigate your requirements and consider how to best deliver the services you are looking for.