Xilytix | Trading Exchange

Xilytix trading exchange simulations assist financial exchange operators with platform upgrades and introducing new capabilities into their market place.

Simulation is used in other industries with complex systems. Now it is available to the financial exchanges to reduce risks associated with change and provide realistic and safe environments for skills development.


We provide 3 categories of trading exchange simulation:

When combined with our Motionite front office system, our simulators can replicate an entire exchange eco-system.


These simulations allow us to supply the associated services:

End to End Testing Test your platform with simulations of your trading eco-system which generate realistic real-time trading behaviour. Test your ancillary systems with simulations of your platform. Combine these for complete end to end testing.
Prototyping Easily view and test new capabilities in real world scenarios at low cost with no risk.
IV&V Reduce risks of introducing new systems or major changes by using simulation as part of an affordable IV&V program.
Client API test environments Allow API clients to easily test applications in multiple operational environments and scenarios.
Training and Certification Assist educators and accreditation providers with the delivery of quality training and skill assessment services.
Trading playgrounds Realistic trading playgrounds for end users with support for competitions.

Contact us to find out how simulation can reduce your risk and costs while enriching your trading eco-system.