Xilytix | Trading Exchange Simulation

Our Exchange simulators are based on the Prodigy matching engine.


Prodigy has a plug-in architecture which allows different exchange behaviour to be implemented. Each exchange simulator is a Prodigy plug-in. Prodigy can load simulators dynamically and run these concurrently.

Customers can configure multiple simulations and control when each simulator is to be started and stopped.

Distributed design

Prodigy’s distributed architecture has been designed to maximise throughput. This allows it to handle very high loads. For example, the market place simulator can be configured to simulate an extremely heavy days trading and this load will be handled by the exchange simulator. Note however that transaction latency will generally not be as low as production systems.

The distributed architecture makes it easier for developers to reproduce a production exchange’s behaviour. Since more computing resources available, there is less need to tune software code for high performance. This significantly reduces the engineering effort required for the simulation. It also makes these simulations ideal for prototyping.


The main interface into the exchange is a Motionite FIX connector. This can be customised to suit different FIX variations. Other interfaces can be supported as necessary. These can either be directly into the Prodigy system of via a Motionite Zenith Front end plug-in.