Xilytix | Trading Exchange: End to End Testing

End to end testing validates the complete exchange environment. In end to end testing, the input data at one end can be reconciled against the output at the other end to confirm the correct operation of the full environment.

With simulation you can replace portions of the environment with well defined behaviour. This allows the operation of the other parts of the environment to be tested against reference points. For example:

  • Market place and ancillary systems simulation
    This allows the exchange platform itself to be tested. The outputs from the exchange can be compared against the inputs from the market place and ancillary systems simulation to confirm correct operation.
  • Market place and exchange simulation
    Sometimes ancillary systems need substantial upgrades or replacements. Think registries, settlements systems, banking interfaces. These systems can contain huge amounts of user data; some of which may derived from complex methodologies. Simulations allow this data to be compared against a known reference baseline.

End to end testing can be used:

  • during major upgrades,
  • as part of acceptance testing,
  • to certify completed systems,
  • to audit systems for capacity in environments with large growth,
  • to assist API clients to test their systems during upgrades.