Xilytix | Trading Exchange: Prototyping

Creating new exchange features and capabilities is difficult. Moving through: idea ➔ concept ➔ specifications ➔ design ➔ implementation ➔ testing ➔ release requires substantial investment.
Will the resulting product deliver the expected benefits and generate the projected returns?
Will customers like it?

Marketing and business analysts will have done their best to determine what customers want and how the product should work. However, descriptions, discussions, slideshows and mockups can only go so far. Customers need more than that to properly understand the product. Ideally customers need to view and interact with the new product in a realistic manner to feel how it works and to visualise its potential and benefits. Only then can they provide the feedback required to get the product right.

Xilytix simulators are ideal for prototyping new exchange products.

  • The plug in architecture of our exchange simulator allows enhancements to be rapidly prototyped.
  • Our Motionite front ends can be used to demonstrate the new exchange capabilities.
  • There is no impact on production systems and no need to configure test systems to run the prototype.
  • Easily and low cost deployable
  • Our market place simulator can be used to demonstrate the new product operating in different market conditions.

Reduce risk and create better exchange products with our simulation based prototyping services.