Xilytix | Trading Exchange: Playgrounds and Competitions

Trading playgrounds allow users to trade in a simulated exchange environment. They can learn how to trade and build their competencies in a realistic environment without any risk. The modern day equivalent of paper trading.

With our trading playground services we provide:

  • A range of trading front-ends (web, mobile and excel);
  • API connectivity allowing trading terminal from other suppliers to connect; enabling users to trade with these terminals in the playground;
  • Realistic (but different from production) background market place data;
  • Configurable market conditions.

We also support competitions. Exchange operators can organise events where individual traders compete to generate the best returns.

Trading playgrounds and competitions build up an exchange’s community and promote their platform within the wider financial and general community. They can also assist with evolving the exchange’s market place by building awareness and facilitating adoption of new platform capabilities within the community.