Xilytix | Trading Exchange: Training and Certification

There is a substantial learning curve for people entering the stock market. In addition, there are specialised types of trading in a stock market which require further learning.

This learning can be supplied by websites and educational firms which focus on stock market training. However their training courses are hampered by the lack of realistic trading tools which their students can use to view and practise the skills they are learning.

These training organisations can use our trading playgrounds to provide their students with realistic training. They could either use our Motionite front ends for trading or their own front end trading terminals. We would provide them with trading playgrounds specifically configured for their training courses.

Some professions such as investment advisers require that members have a specified level of proficiency in stock market trading. A certifying organisation may perform testing to confirm this proficiency. Similarly to training, we can provide a trading playground specifically configured for the certification process.